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About Our Farm

Wildcat Ridge Farm is in its third incarnation.  What began in the mid-90s as a produce farm to source fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for our former restaurant, Lomo Grill, morphed into a flower farm after we shifted our focus to guiding culinary and wine tours, catering private parties, and hosting guests at our Yurt.

We cultivated orchids for a while, then slaved over mysterious and intoxicating dahlias before we found our true love, peonies. There is something about this flower that touches people. Perhaps it's because peonies are an annual plant and often live for generations. Sometimes they get dug up and transplanted across town, passed down through the family. Whether it is the heady scent that some varieties have, or the vibrant pop of color, we simply can't get enough of them!

May is our magic month when everything blooms.  It's the time you can visit us without an appointment and walk through the blossoms to either choose a few stems to brighten someone's day or select a few plants for a sunny porch or your own garden.

For a front-row seat to the color explosion, book a stay in our Yin Yurt, perched above the flowers!

Have any questions?  Please complete this form and we will circle back to you quickly.

Peace, love & peonies,

Suzanne Fernandez & Ricardo Fernandez Battini

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